Baby Rory’s Newborn Portraits

How is it that anything a newborn baby does is mesmerizing and adorable? When my sister had her baby, we jokingly called it “baby tv” — when our family would literally sit and watch everything her baby did and we were fascinated! How is this a thing?? But it is! It’s irresistible; you can’t help but watch what babies do, how they discover and experience everything.

On that note, I’m very excited to welcome baby Rory into the world and to her first photo shoot! Julia and Ryan, (proud new parents!) are past wedding clients of mine and it was so great to reconnect with them and see how their family has grown. We met near their home at the Municipal Rose Garden┬áto enjoy the vibrant blooms and take advantage of the golden afternoon light. Just beware the grumpy territorial duck that lives by the fountain — he was so mean! Rory wasn’t fazed though, probably because she’s too young to know what or duck is or even see that far, but she did go through a range of baby emotions: happy, sleepy, hungry, crying, and what looked like wonder, but might have been gas? Like I said, “baby tv”, it was all exciting to watch!

Here’s the mean duck — waddling away after biting Ryan’s shoe.