K + N

These photos are absolutely wonderful and it’s been such a pleasure to relive the day by looking through them. Maybe even more-so now than when we first got them, as we get further from the event. You perfectly captured the happiness and spirit of the day and we were so happy to have you there with us.


C + K

We love the pictures! We were so worried that we would look awkward since neither of us are particularly fond of being in pictures but we were happy to see that they turned out great!


h + A

Thank you so much for sending this, these were amazing. You really caught all the people and we super appreciated the love and real connection you were able to get! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts, this meant so much to us and the pictures are better than I could have dreamed.


E + R

Natalie, these are amazing! Wow! You are too good. Thank you so much! These capture how it felt to me on that day, which is kind of incredible… you somehow captured an unspoken feeling of mine. You are a photo wizard!     


A + j

Thanks again for the amazing job at our wedding! You were so easy to work with, great around the guests, and taking exactly the type of photos we wanted! Yay!


K + K

You were so amazing to work with, a perfect combination of freedom and direction. It was truly a pleasure. I keep saying that I wish I could freeze frame the whole day, it was so perfect and yet went by so fast. Thank you for making that dream a reality! I hope we get to see each other again soon!